Wilson Inlet Nutrient Reduction Action Plan

Update Report for the Wilson Inlet Management Advisory Group,
19th January, 2009

Compiled by: Elissa Stewart (WICC)

On-Ground Sub-catchment Works

5 km [15.6km allocated, 5.5km paid] drains fenced; 10 km [25.32km allocated, 7.22km paid] waterways fenced (30 June 2006). Milestone partially achieved
4 ha [24.05 ha allocated, 5.13 paid] estuarine floodplain revegetated (30 Sept 2006). Milestone achieved
Nutrient reduction works at 2 point sources (31 Dec 2006)
Soil/fertiliser/perennial workshop (March 2007)
10 km [55.85 allocated, 29.65 paid] drains fenced; 20 km [44.9 allocated, 28.2 paid] waterways fenced (30 June 2007). Milestone achieved
8 ha [51.55 ha allocated, 16.05 completed] estuarine floodplain revegetated (30 Sept 2007). Milestone achieved
Nutrient reduction works at 4 point sources (31 Dec 2007)
15 km [56.7 allocated, 31.65 completed] drains fenced; 30 km [49.8 allocated, 28.7 completed] waterways fenced (31 March 2008)
12.85 km [55.95 allocated, 44.5 completed] drains fenced; 18.4 km [73.3 allocated, 48.4 completed] waterways fenced (14 January 2009) Milestone partially achieved
23.65 ha [51.65 ha allocated, 39.7 completed] estuarine floodplain revegetated; [30.45 ha allocated, 29.9 completed] waterways revegetated (14 January 2009) Milestone partially achieved
Nutrient reduction works at 5 point sources (14 January 2009)
Planned Soil and Plant fertility management workshop ( March 2009)


  • The 3rd edition of WINRAP News is in progress and is on course to be mailed to landholders and distributed via the Denmark Bulletin in Feb 2009.

  • A soil and plant fertility management workshop will be held at Denmark Agricultural College on March 2009. At this stage we are in the initial panning stages.

  • WINRAP public forum was held on the 20th November 2008, from 6pm to 9.30pm. Approximately 60 people attended the meeting which included several speakers from Department of Water, Murdoch university, and Water Corporation talk about research and monitoring that has occurred in Wilson Inlet and the catchment as well as give a summary of WINRAP over the past five years and the future direction for WINRAP.

    Feedback from several members of the public was positive with comments that they found the night informative and answered many of their questions.

  • WINRAP funding was extended through to the end of June 2009
Wilson Inlet Nutrient Reduction Action Plan
January 2009 Update

Previous updates:

  • December 2007

  • The Wilson Inlet Nutrient Reduction Action Plan (WINRAP) is coordinated by the Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee and Department of Water. The project is funded by South Coast Natural Resource Management Group Inc through the Australian and State Government support of the Natural Heritage Trust and National Action Plan.

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