Wilson Inlet Nutrient Reduction Action Plan

Update Report for the Wilson Inlet Management Advisory Group,
19th December, 2007

Compiled by: Craig Carter (WICC)

On-Ground Sub-catchment Works

5 km [15.6km allocated, 5.5km paid] drains fenced; 10 km [25.32km allocated, 7.22km paid] waterways fenced (30 June 2006). Milestone partially achieved
4 ha [24.05 ha allocated, 5.13 paid] estuarine floodplain revegetated (30 Sept 2006). Milestone achieved
Nutrient reduction works at 2 point sources (31 Dec 2006)
Fertiliser/soil/perennial workshop (28th March 2007)
10 km [55.85 allocated, 29.65 paid] drains fenced; 20 km [44.9 allocated, 28.2 paid] waterways fenced (30 June 2007). Milestone achieved
8 ha [51.55 ha allocated, 16.05 completed] estuarine floodplain revegetated (30 Sept 2007). Milestone achieved
Nutrient reduction works at 4 point sources (31 Dec 2007)
15 km [56.7 allocated, 31.65 completed] drains fenced; 30 km [49.8 allocated, 28.7 completed] waterways fenced (31 March 2008)

Drainage BMPs Demonstration project.

A longitudinal/cross section survey of the Water Corporation drain selected to be used as a best management practice demonstration site on Stanley Rd was conducted on 10/12/07. This will allow for DOW to calculate the amount of water flow through the drain based on rainfall data. Work should start early next year.


  • Craig Carter Attended W.A State Coastal Conference held in Denmark from October 31st to November 2nd. Dave Rushton and Craig coordinated a tour around Wilson Inlet estuary attended by 45 people. Highlights included stops near Morley Beach, the restored Wetland at John Shaplands property (Cattle Farmer) the Community Wetland near the new hospital site and Ocean Beach lookout. Some of the issues raised were estuary management, the importance of wetlands, migratory birds and heritage values.

  • WICC and several catchment groups across the region had a stall in the Mountains to Coast tent at the Albany show. Hundreds of Children were educated on catchment management using the catchment model.

  • Craig Carter completed a TAFE chemical certification course at Albany TAFE on 7th and 8th November.

  • Two days (20 & 21st November) were spent at Denmark primary school educating students about river formation and protection/ landcare using the River Model.

  • Preliminary discussions have taken place with Denmark Primary school to run 3 days of presentations and field tours spread over the year. The subjects to be covered are Wetlands, Wastewater, Estuaries/Coast and Water in the Environment.

  • The 2nd edition of WINRAP News will be mailed to landholders and distributed via the Denmark Bulletin on December 20th.

  • A soil/fertiliser/pasture management workshop will be held at Denmark Agricultural College on February 13th 2008. At this stage we are in the initial panning stages.

  • Craig Carter spent two days with Paul Close and Dave Tunbridge fish surveying on the Denmark River and Scottsdale Brook. The results will be used with existing knowledge to assess environmental water requirements for the ecology and individual species for these waterways.
Wilson Inlet Nutrient Reduction Action Plan
December 2007 Update

The Wilson Inlet Nutrient Reduction Action Plan (WINRAP) is coordinated by the Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee and Department of Water. The project is funded by South Coast Natural Resource Management Group Inc through the Australian and State Government support of the Natural Heritage Trust and National Action Plan.

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