Section 8   Limitations

This report contains information obtained by inspection, sampling, testing or other means of investigation. This information is directly relevant only to the points in the ground where they were obtained at the time of the assessment. The borehole logs indicate the inferred ground conditions only at the specific locations tested. The precision with which conditions are indicated depends largely on the frequency and method of sampling, and the uniformity of conditions as constrained by the project budget limitations. The behaviour of groundwater and some aspects of contaminants in soil and groundwater are complex. Our conclusions are based upon the analytical data presented in this report and our experience. Future advances in regard to the understanding of chemicals and their behaviour, and changes in regulations affecting their management, could impact on our conclusions and recommendations regarding their potential presence on this site.

Where conditions encountered at the site are subsequently found to differ significantly from those anticipated in this report, URS must be notified of any such findings and be provided with an opportunity to review the recommendations of this report.

Whilst to the best of our knowledge information contained in this report is accurate at the date of issue, subsurface conditions, including groundwater levels can change in a limited time. Therefore this document and the information contained herein should only be regarded as valid at the time of the investigation unless otherwise explicitly stated in this report.

The project was affected by the budget shortage. This report provides only a brief summary of the result, and a general report structure and methodology. There are significant data gaps which should be filled when funds are available.

Wilson Inlet Groundwater Nutrient Monitoring
URS Australia Pty Ltd

Draft Report

Prepared for Department of Water, 18 December 2007