Section 6   Recommendation

It is recommended that the following data analysis and reporting be undertaken so that the result of this investigation can be fully interpreted and presented to the community, and incorporated into the DoW / DEC water management plans.

  1. Geochemical interpretation on nutrient transformation and movement.

  2. Water quality data be plotted to show seasonal variation.

  3. Nutrient loading calculation - This will based on groundwater flux and nutrient concentration. A 2-D finite element model can be used to simulate the groundwater flow process. It is a very important environmental indicator for monitoring and assessing land use impacts.

  4. Reporting - It is proposed that the result from this investigation be written up as a report. All data and maps will be produced with the URS standard, and the data format will be consistent with the DoW database and GIS.

The above proposed work will require additional funds. An estimated cost is listed below.

Table 1. Estimated Cost for Proposed Scope of Work

Tasks and Project StaffRoleHoursRateAmount
Wen Yu
Principal Hydrogeologist
Project Manager, data interpretation, reporting30$180$5,400
Lindsay Warwick
Surface/Ground Water Engineer
Data analysis and reporting60$130$7,800

Wilson Inlet Groundwater Nutrient Monitoring
URS Australia Pty Ltd

Draft Report

Prepared for Department of Water, 18 December 2007