Section 3   Installation of Monitoring Bores

A network of 13 monitoring bores (WIG01 to WIG13) were drilled, logged and constructed between 1st and 5th May 2006, the bore logs have been completed and attached is an example of a bore completion report (WIG02). WIG01 & WIG02, WIG03 & WIG04, WIG05 & WIG06 and WIG08 & WIG09 make up four transects of different sections of the aquifer immediately adjacent to Wilson Inlet.

The bore locations were selected based on the land use, geology and the estimated groundwater flow pattern. Drilling was undertaken using a Geo-Probe Direct Push method with 25 mm ID PVC pipe.

Bore strata logs and bore construction details are in Appendix A.

The drilling has intercepted a shallow sediment profile at all sites, which comprise top sandy soil, green clay and the weathered granite. The average thickness of the profile is above 3 to 6 m. Depth to static watertable is between 1 to 4.7 m. Overall, the shallow aquifer saturated thickness is about 2 to 4 m, suggesting a low yield and low storage characteristics.

Slug tests were carried out manually. The tests included short duration pumping tests with drawdown and recovery measurement. The result is in Appendix A. This data can be used to calculate the hydraulic conductivity, K of the aquifer.

Wilson Inlet Groundwater Nutrient Monitoring
URS Australia Pty Ltd

Draft Report

Prepared for Department of Water, 18 December 2007