Executive Summary

The South Coast Region of the Department of Water (DoW) has installed a groundwater monitoring program at potential urban development areas along the foreshore of Wilson Inlet in Denmark. The investigation consisted of a site inspection, groundwater bore installation and water level monitoring, bore hydraulic property tests, groundwater sampling and chemical analysis. These results are being used to evaluate the impact of land use on groundwater quality discharging into the Wilson Inlet.

URS Pty Ltd was engaged by the DoW to provided technical advice on groundwater monitoring and data analysis. The scope of work is limited by the budget. This progress report summarises the monitoring information based on available information. It also provides a recommendation for the on-going and further work.

This report provides only a brief summary of the result, and a general report structure and methodology. There are significant data gaps which should be filled when funds are available.

Wilson Inlet Groundwater Nutrient Monitoring
URS Australia Pty Ltd

Draft Report

Prepared for Department of Water, 18 December 2007