D R A F T  P R O G R E S S  R E P O R T

Wilson Inlet Groundwater Nutrient Monitoring

Prepared for
Department of Water

South Coast Region

18 December 2007

Project Manager:Wen Yu
Principal Hydrogeolgoist
URS Australia Pty Ltd
Level 3, 20 Terrace Road
East Perth
WA 6004 Australia
Tel: 61 8 9326 0100
Fax: 61 8 9326 0296

Date: 18 December 2007
Reference: 42906500/654-F8617.0
Status: Draft

Project Director:Ian Brunner
Senior Principal Hydrogeologist
Author:Wen Yu
Principal Hydrogeolgoist

Lindsay Warrack
Surface/Groundwater Engineer

Executive Summary
1 Introduction
2 Hydrogeological Setting
3 Installation of Monitoring Bores
4 Groundwater Sampling
5 Calculation of Groundwater Nutrient Loads
6 Recommendation
7 References
8 Limitations

Table 1 Estimated Cost for Proposed Scope of Work

Figure 1 Location Map
Figure 2 Geology Map
Figure 3 Calculation of Groundwater Flux

Appendix A Bore Completion Report
Appendix B Groundwater Quality Monitoring Results
Appendix C Laboratory Chemical Results

Prepared for Department of Water, 18 December 2007