Wilson Inlet Nutrient Reduction Action Plan

Progress on the Wilson Inlet Nutrient Reduction Action Plan

Since the WINRAP was released in April 2003 much as been done by farmers, community groups, governments and the general community to improve the way we interact with our land and water.

The lead organisations identified in the plan have undertaken a range of projects to reduce nutrient export to the inlet. There are still many actions that need to be implemented or completed and many more landowners to work with, however progress to date is positive.

For an overview of much of the work being undertaken by the Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee and the Department of Water please download the 2006 Progress Summary.

Read the most recent Update Report (December 2007) for a brief summary of what is happening to implement the plan.

The December 2007 draft progress report Wilson Inlet Groundwater Nutrient Monitoring is now available. This document is also provided as a downloadable PDF file (1.5Mb)

2006 WINRAP Forum and Update

At the Novemember 2006 WINRAP forum the public had the opportunity to hear about from a range of speakers on topics including the current state of the inlets water quality, fish ecology in the inlet and what work is being undertaken to address excess nutrient input.

The agenda for the night is seen below. You can also download a list of the comments and questions raised by the public (requires a pdf reader).


  • Inlet and catchment water quality. Analysis and trends from the regular scientific monitoring, Malcolm Robb, Department of Water

  • Commercial and Recreational Fisheries - what can they tell us about the health of Wilson Inlet? Dr Kim Smith, Department of Fisheries

  • Estuary management in the Denmark area - expanding community input across a wider area. George Ebbett

  • The biology of fish species and communities in Wilson Inlet. Ben Chuen, Murdoch University

  • Understanding algal blooms and human health. Walter Arrow, Department of Health

  • Aquaculture in Wilson Inlet. Zac Lunay, Wilson Inlet Seafood

  • What are we doing to help. Implementing the Wilson Inlet Nutrient Reduction Action Plan and other projects. Craig Carter (WICC), Basil Schur (Green Skills), Kirsty Alexander (SCRIPT/DoW), Ron Master (Department of Agriculture and Food WA), Mike Lanigan (Chair, Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee)
The WINRAP News is available on-line:
  • Issue 1 - Jun 2007
    Also available as a PDF (1Mb)
  • Issue 2 - Dec 2007
    Also available as a PDF (780Kb)
If you want a printed copy of the newsletters contact the Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee on 9848-2955 or email Craig

Sleeman River entering the inlet
Sleeman River and its Catchment

The Wilson Inlet Nutrient Reduction Action Plan (WINRAP) is coordinated by the by the Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee and Department of Water. The project is funded by South Coast Natural Resource Management Group Inc through the Australian and State Government support of the Natural Heritage Trust and National Action Plan.

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